Engine diagnostic services in Worcester

Are warning lights displayed on your dashboard? It is important you get your car serviced as soon as possible, not only for your own safety but also the safety of other road users. Our engine diagnostics find the root of the problem quickly so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.
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Engine diagnostics with an experienced team

Diagnosing engine problems is a speciality of ours. We have 50 years’ experience in the industry which allows us to work with multiple makes and models.

At our Worcester base, we at Granthams Garage are dedicated to making your vehicle safe.

An engine diagnostic check looks at the car’s Engine Control Computer (ECU). Each system is scanned, allowing us to identify problems and error codes. We can then let you know which repairs are necessary.

Making sure your car is safe

  • Diagnosing engine problems ensures your car is safe to drive
  • Our engine diagnostic checks are always accurate
  • After performing the diagnostic service we can recommend vehicle repairs
  • Call us to book your engine diagnostic service

Is your vehicle in need of an engine check?

For engine diagnostic services call Granthams Garage in Worcester on 01905 453 074